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Jinhan Home & Gift Fair Online Exhibition Q&A


• Why participate in online exhibitions?

In the face of COVID-19 this year, offline exhibitions cannot be held and overseas merchants cannot visit, online exhibitions play their role to help exhibitors and buyers achieve online trade. Online exhibition and offline exhibition are combined and complement each other, which is also the development trend of the future.

Participate in online exhibitions:

1)Sitting in front of your computer, you can easily browse the massive exhibits throughout the exhibition

2)Online exhibitions are not limited by space, and exhibits are richer than offline exhibitions, which solves the problem that offline exhibitions cannot display all exhibits due to space limitations

3)The online exhibition is less limited by time, and you can watch the exhibition 24 hours a day, which solves the problem that you can not attend the offline exhibition due to your schedule


• What can be gained by participating in online exhibitions?

1)View photos and videos of the exhibition

2)Participate in purchasing matching meeting and negotiate with the exhibitors

3)Watch the live broadcast to learn more about the exhibitors and exhibits

4)Using the intelligent matching of the system, it is more convenient to find the right supplier

5)Release purchasing demand and intention order online to capture more business opportunities

• What are the features of the online exhibition?

1)Intelligent recommendation of massive popular products

2)Exhibitors live broadcast, face-to-face communication

3)The publisher circle, looking for suitable suppliers

4)Buyers special purchase matchmaking meeting, more accurate matching suitable exhibitors

5)IM24 hours online negotiation

6)Submit the intended order, so that exhibitors can understand your needs in more detail

7)Print exhibit collection list to better organize exhibition information

8)Electronic window to better understand the product portfolio

• Who is the online exhibition open to

The online show is open to importers, wholesalers, chain stores, department stores and supermarkets in the global household gift and supplies industry.


• How do I register for an online exhibition?

visit https://i.jinhanfair.com/en/selectIdent,Users who have pre-registered for jinhan Home Gift show can log in with their email account and password. New users click the registration page https://i.jinhanfair.com/en/register/email/write/1 guide,Fill in the relevant content。

The registration of the online exhibition requires email verification. If you fail to receive the verification email, please also check your spam email, which may be blocked.

If you have any questions during the registration process, please use "online customer service" or email to:info@jinhanfair.com contact with us.

• How to find exhibitors and exhibits better?

1)Carefully fill in the registration questionnaire, the system will match you with more suitable exhibitors and exhibits according to your basic information and browsing behavior

2)Under the condition of unregistered tourists, the visible products are very limited. To find more exhibitors, please complete registration and invite exhibitors first.

• How to watch live?

Before viewing the live show, you need to register for the online show. After entering the live broadcast program, users can search by the name of the live broadcast or the keyword of the company name, and filter by the time, popularity and type of live broadcast. You can also enter the webcast page through the "webcast" icon of exhibitors or exhibits information.

Please note that the live broadcast time is Beijing time, please be careful to change to your time zone.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can enter the "Replay" column to check

• How to contact exhibitors conveniently?

You can contact the exhibitor by sending "message" or "invitation" on the exhibitor or exhibit page. Message "can let you negotiate with the exhibitors in real time, initiate" invitation "can add each other as customers with exhibitors, browse all exhibits of exhibitors.

• How to publish purchasing requirements?

You can publish your purchase requirements through the functions of publishers and submit intended orders.

In the publisher circle, you can publish text, pictures, or videos and select a viewable group of suppliers to publish.

When viewing exhibits, "Submit intended order" can fill in the transaction quantity and content, so that suppliers can provide you with more accurate information.

• How to use 3D navigation map?

Click each floor on the 3D guide map to enter the 3D booth map of each floor. Select each booth to view the detailed information of each exhibitor. Through the booth map, you can better differentiate and find the exhibitors you are familiar with.

• How to make better use of online exhibition to achieve the best exhibition effect?

1)Make full use of various screening conditions and hot word search to screen out the range of exhibitors or exhibits

2)Do a good job in registration and questionnaire filling, real and accurate information can accurately match the right exhibitors

3)Invite exhibitors, join the exhibitors' customer pool, you can view all the exhibitors' products

4)More distributors pulse circle, so that more exhibitors understand your procurement needs

5)Make full use of the functions of the platform, such as the enlargement of the exhibition map, printing the list of exhibits collection and other functions, more convenient and full use of online exhibition

6)Use electronic window to better understand the combination and placement of products

7)Watch the live broadcast, the exhibitors will introduce the function details of the products in more detail